Too Many Projects…

Welcome to our blog!  With so many inspiring blogs, pictures on Houzz and DIY shows, I thought maybe starting a blog and documenting our home improvement projects would help us to be accountable and actually finish them… completely!  Currently, we have at least 15 unfinished projects and many more that I come up with each day.  Sometimes I find myself just staring at a room and trying to envision how the couch would look over here or what if I moved that over there.  Sometimes, I just start moving furniture.  I have been known to even rip down a wall a time or two.  The problem is that I have these IDEAS!!  The problem for Mike is that I think he is capable of doing everything and my start of a project usually requires his help in finishing it.  He is more the sensible one.  He researches a project, watches youtube videos and asks lots of questions.  I just get a hammer! 

So here’s to bringing our home up to date…one room at a time.


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