“Paint Your Wagon”…or the back of your house!

Mike was so excited to start the painting in the back.  He borrowed a special sprayer from a friend that shipped it in from Alabama.  It had an extra long 10 ft extension to make things easier without having to be on the ladder for the whole house.  Things started out a little rough with the sprayer clogging and some frustration for Mike.  Lots of drips!!  Once things got going it was better…until it wasn’t.  By the end of the project, he was swearing, grumpy and said he was never painting again.  All the trim still needs to be painted, but that will be left to me.  I actually like to paint.  So, here is a picture to show the progress.  Now all I have to do it paint the trim white and the screened in porch, too.  Mike has moved on to the deck…his next BIG undertaking.


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