Hit the deck!

Last weekend the deck came out.  Mike used a chainsaw to cut the top boards and then a kind neighbor helped hammer them off.  Upon inspection of the beam to be replaced, we realized there was not only a rotted beam, but that it was just laying in the dirt and held by a single piece of rebar. So some new footings needed to be poured and brackets for the new beam to rest in.

Cutting top deck boards

Next we got all the pieces of boards out from under the deck and into a HUGE pile.  There were tons of nails sticking out, so it was kind of a risky job. Luckily, no injuries.  All the joists were still in good shape so we were able to just flip them over and reattach them to the ledger using new brackets.  The old brackets were completely rusted out.  We think that the deck was original with the house, which would make it about 38 years old.  Not quite as old as me, but much more weathered!! 🙂 Today we will be putting the top deck boards on.  Yay!  Our dog, Daisy, will be very happy…She has been so confused of how to get outside and then once back there, she has no idea how to get back in.

New footing for beam

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