Progress on deck…

Well it has been a while since I have had the strength in my fingers to blog.  Just kidding, but we did work so hard for two straight weekends and a few week nights to finish the deck.  Mike got the structural part sound, and then we cut and laid the top boards together.  It took some time to srew in all those boards.  We were excited that we figured out the lumber perfectly.  Mike flipped over some of the existing joists that were still in good shape and then reattached them with new hangers to the ledger.  We replaced all the perimeter boards and the rotten beam.  Took off both sets of stairs and then put the one new set back on and rebuilt the other.  We built a coutertop into the deck fence for entertaining.  I stained the deck and also primed and painted the white parts.  We put a few solar lights out there on the posts and it looks really good.   Next up was the concrete portion.  We had to wait several weeks due to rain, which kept delaying our concrete guy.  They finally came last week.  They filled in with rock and formed on the first day and then poured the new walkway from our driveway to the deck.  This was so exciting because we used to have to just tromp thru wet, icky grass and then across the land of unused dirt to get up to the deck.  Now it is all the same level…deck and concrete patio.  The patio covers a big area that was just dirt and a tree with a border of bushes.  It was such a waste of our yard.  Too big to maintain any plants and flowers, but yet our old deck was too small to really utilize with more than a small table.  The concrete was tinted a brown color (khaki) to match the house and then it was stamped to look more like stone.  It really came out great.  Now to figure out what type of furniture to utilize out there.  We did purchase a free standing fireplace and need some new seating for that as well as for the countertop.  Here are some picture from the whole process…


2 thoughts on “Progress on deck…

  1. Looks really good, great work by both of you and i know the girls helped a little. The finished prodcuts will be great in the spring and next summer.

  2. Wow, looks so great. Wonderful. Can’t wait to see it in person. Love seeing the girls in the pics as well as Daisy girl. Hugs to all.

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