Attic Access Stairs

Why finish an 80% done project when you can start a new one??  This weekend we are going to be putting in an attic access in our laundry room.  There is a fairly large attic space just above our laundry room.  Currently the only way to get to it is to climb up in the rafters of the garage and crawl thru a small square door.  This is why we don’t have anything stored up there.  Most everything is stored in the rafters on plywood.  All our christmas and other holiday decorations are up there and it would be nice to not have to hang from rafters like a gymnast to get to it.  (Usually, I am the one up there since Mike doesn’t like heights.)  Apparently the kits are pretty easy to install.  With pull down stairs in our laundry room, we would easily be able to get up and down with stuff and could free up space in closets where we currently store suit cases, etc.  (Our entire basement is finished, so there isn’t any storage down there.)  My plan is to pull everything down and go thru all the bins of decorations and other “stuff” before putting it back up in the new storage attic space.  This will probably be a bigger task than I care to take on, but I’m sure there is a lot of junk to weed out.  Pictures to follow.  Wish Clark Griswold (Mike) good luck as he installs the ladder!


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