Attic idea was a bust!

Shoot! Not all projects are possible. Although I want instant gratification, this one will have to wait. Mike told me to get up in the garage to to look in the crawl space so we could determine how we would need to frame out the attic stairs. Once I looked in there I realized there just wasn’t going to be much room once we put the stairs in and moved the mountain of insulation. We wouldn’t really be gaining any space. So, this project will have to be put on hold and we will most likely need to put the access to our main attic in the upstairs hallway. Still doable! It was a bummer for me because I had already organized all my crap in my mind that I was going to put up there. Now the crap just has to accumulate throughout the house. So, time to refocus back to the girls bathroom which has been torn up since April… Thanks to my efforts of ripping down a wall by the toilet. Now the tile needs replacing and the drywall needs patching (which is not yet our forte. ) Has anyone ever tiled a floor? I could use some tips.


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