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We are the Morey family. Mike, Brenda, Megan & Elizabeth (aka Sisty).   East meets West on the West Coast.  The left coast, which we all know is the right coast.  (And for the record, Disneyland was first and the original…way before Disneyworld.  Size does not matter! ) Mike is from Philly and I (Brenda) am from Southern Calif.  We met there,  were married there, had 2 daughters there and lived happily ever after~ UNTIL we decided to make a move to St. Louis for Mike’s job.  Midwest here we come!  The downsides were leaving family and friends and a house of 7 years that we had done so much work on.  Including a 7 month remodel of adding a second story onto our ranch style home.  Nothing like getting your house all up to date for someone else.  Well, we do miss family, friends and weather…but we do love our new home.  The only problem was that it was/in some ways still is COMPLETELY outdated.  Everything from wallpaper, to carpeted bathrooms, to ugly brass door hinges and don’t get me started on our kitchen.  4 years later, we realize that we couldn’t have picked a better house, location, neighborhood, school or place to raise our family.  Now for just some sprucing up…how hard can it be? Watch our progress as we bring this old gem of a house up to date…one room at a time! (and a few outdoor projects as well!)


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